Drawing on our extensive experience, we offer you both executive search services as well as fast and uncomplicated recruitment of professionals and specialists for the relevant teams in your company.


We see ourselves as the client’s representative during the personnel search – a role that is underscored by our competent and professional demeanour. We have long-term partnerships with our clients and hence know them very well. During a search, we only present candidates that fit the profile. We make this determination after caref ul scrutiny.


Our clients include numerous German and international financial services companies, multi-nationals as well as SMEs.


Our recruiters are proud of their international network. They are also continually expanding this network, giving them plenty of knowledge about the pool of potential candidates. We meet with candidates personally to review them and to prepare them for interviews at our clients. For more information, please download the attached PDF or contact Manuel Rehwald, MD of Rehwald Associates.
For more information, please download the attached PDF or contact Manuel Rehwald, MD of Rehwald Associates.
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Our team

Manuel Rehwald

Managing Director

Eva Sofie Rehwald

Senior Consultant

Annika Kenel


Johannes Schickentanz

Senior Consultant

Marwa Popal

Research Consultant

Esme Tuhky

Office Manager


Happiness Manager

Anna Andres

Managing Consultant Luxembourg

Denis Slonov

Recruitment Consultant Luxembourg

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Given our extensive experience in recruiting professionals and management personnel, we believe that you will benefit from working with us. We are a very experienced team that emphasizes trust, discretion, honesty as well as long-term relations. We would be delighted to discuss your current needs and what your future goals are. We see ourselves as your partner.
We can assist you on the following subjects:

• A specific search regarding a new and suitable challenge
• Tips on how to prepare application documents
• Preparing for job interviews
• Market information and trends within the industry
• Developing a career plan
• Information regarding compensation


years of experience


successful placements



Search process and placement

As a specialised recruiter, we emphasize openness toward our clients and candidates and the importance of providing a high-quality service. Once mandated by our clients, we find the best candidates for the most suitable positions and vice versa.

Here is how our search is conducted:

Briefing with the client
Together with our clients, we develop a detailed description of the position in question. During the briefing, we determine what qualitative and quantitative requirements must be met for the assignment.
The next step is to determine which companies and candidates to target. Beyond conducting a typical search in our client’s industry, we are prepared to “go other ways” to find candidates who have the relevant skills and profile.
Contact and long list
In the first step, we give priority to certain candidates and contact them directly. This step is crucial, as the initial contact must be done in a way that peaks the candidate’s interest.
Interview with the candidate
Before we present the candidate to our client, we have met with the candidate personally and done our homework. We are well aware of the candidate’s professional suitability and personality.
Short list
Our interview with the candidate is the basis for recommending him or her for the short list. We only select the best candidates! As we know the candidates very well, we can provide our clients with confidential reports summarising their qualifications and suitability. Our clients use these reports and CVs from candidates to decide the next steps.
Presenting the candidate to the client
Our goal is present ideal candidates to our clients. As part of this process, we provide the candidate’s profile and, if desired, coordinate the entire interview process. We also stand ready to participate in all job interviews.
During the interview process, candidates and clients always get open and honest feedback. We also support successful candidates during the trial period and beyond.

If you are interested in vacancies, please contact us.